It seems to me that trolls like to make life as difficult as they can for people with autism, especially people like Rion McNeally.  Some of them are professional people like policemen and doctors and such.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that all policemen and all doctors are like that, and I’m not saying that the ones that is like that mean to be like that in the first place.  Sometimes they just doesn’t know any better.

It’s not easy for someone like my friend Rion that’s got autism to explain properly what he’s thinking or feeling.  Most times people that doesn’t know him too well don’t get what he’s saying or writing, and they think he’s being stupid or rude.  I mean, sometimes he’s stupid and sometimes he’s rude but that’s true of all of us, yes?

What would help Rion a lot would be for people what knows autism to go to the Dear Doctor page on this site and leave a message for the doctor taking care of him at East Birmington Hospital.  Just click on the tab “Dear Doctor” or click HERE to get there faster.

Hashtags you should use to help bring attention to my friend’s plight are: