There’s this doctor here in the UK and he’s an expert on autism.  He’s done a lot of research and the media always call on him when they does stories in newspapers and on the television.  Even people in America know who he is:  Simon Baron Cohen.

There were this news story about more research he’s doing and at the end of the story you can take his 50 question quiz to find out if maybe you have autism like Rion McNeally.  More men than women has it you know.

I figure that means that since the world is pretty much fifty-fifty when it comes to men and women, that means that men have a 200% bigger chance of having autism than women does.

Here’s the link to the news story with the quiz at the bottom.  Take it and see if you and Rion has autism in common.

After you take the test and find out if you has autism, invite people to follow #SaveRionMcNeally on Facebook and Twitter and on this blog.  Isn’t it time we started talking about #AutismAbuse? After all, May is Mental Health Month.

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