May is a month of celebration. It all kicks off with May Day and dancing about the Maypole.  There’s singing and flower gathering and cake eating to celebrate May Day.

Then the next day is Brothers and Sisters Day.  The day after that is Teacher Appreciation Day.  Then on the fourth day it’s that silly Star Wars Day where everyone puts up memes what says, “May the fourth be with you.”

Cinco de Mayo day is after that and on the sixth day it’s National Nurses Day.  The day following that is National Tourism Day followed up by Mother’s Day in America.

It only gets worse from there with No Socks Day on the same day as Mother’s Day in America, then Lost Sock Memorial Day on the 9th, and Clean Up Your Room Day on the 10th (where probably all them lost socks is going to be found so they can celebrate that on the 11th I suppose).

But what’s Rion got with him being locked up in East Burmington Hospital?  He’s got nothing to celebrate.  But he would if people would just send him pleasant messages on the Dear Rion page of this blog.

Hashtags you should use to help bring attention to my friend’s plight are: