That’s a question what got asked the other day.  Here’s my answer.

This situation is real for lots of autistics just like Rion.  Some got it worse, and most got it better.  But all of them has this very real problem in life.  So yes, situations like the one Rion’s got himself in is real.

What with the likes of Adam Lanza and Elliot Rodger, Chris Harper Mercer and Robert Durst, Gary McKinnon and Nick Dubin, it’s easy to see how people gets it in their heads that autism is a bad thing.  They doesn’t think about all them others what got autism that doesn’t break the law.  They’re just odd.

So if you want to know if this is real, I’m here to tell you that the situation is real, and this is a safe place for people to discuss what autism is and isn’t.

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