Paddywhack here again with another week of updates and such about what’s happening to my mate, Rion McNeally.  The first poll asking if you think autistics can lie is still open.  If you hasn’t voted YES or NO, just pop on over quick like and vote.  You doesn’t have to say nothing more unless you wants to (in the comments section).

If you wants to tell Dr. Beresford-Smith a thing or two about autism so he understands Rion a bit more, click on the Dear Doctor tab and have your say.

If you wants to give Rion some moral support (he could use a fair bit of that right about now) all you has to do is click on the Dear Rion tab and let him know what you’re thinking.

The last thing I wants to ask you to do is to share this blog with everyone you knows on social media because autism abuse is real, autism is real, and it’s time all of us had a place to talk about autism where we doesn’t have to worry about bullies and trolls going after you for what you says.

If you share the Facebook page ( and Twitter feed (, that will help get word out that to #SaveRionMcNeally, we got to pull together and talk these kinds of things out.

Remember to use these hashtags when talking about Rion McNeally and the situation he’s in right now.