Something people with autism has trouble with is being heard.  Organizations like to say they speaks for autistic even if they doesn’t.  The media likes to publish stories about autism and autistics that are outrageous or ridiculous.  Society likes to run with stereotypes of autism and autistics even when stereotypes is wrong.  But is they listening to autistics?

It’s stuff like that what makes is difficult for people with autism to get heard, and for people to understand what people with autism is saying.

That’s part of what’s happening to my mate, Rion McNeally.  The #SaveRionMcNeally campaign is all about talking about #AutismAbuse and #AspieProblems and all that impacts badly on autistics whether they live in the UK or in America or anywhere else in the world.

It’s time we started talking about things that really matter to autistics, and to make sure what people with autism has to say gets heard and understood.  It’s not just about Rion, it’s about all autistics.

Please remember to use these hashtags on social media so we can #freetheboy from people like Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith.