Sometimes autistics have meltdowns and NTs calls them temper tantrums.  That’s because NTs doesn’t understand what it’s like to have a meltdown.  NTs doesn’t have meltdowns.  That why they think that autistics having meltdowns is just autistics misbehaving.  If it’s autistic children, they say they is being naughty.

Some NTs even thinks meltdowns is something an autistic can control when it isn’t.

For example, last month that lovely singer Susan Boyle had a bad go of things at Heathrow.  Seems she got into a heated argument with airport people, and that’s what led to the police being called in.

The police said she were screaming she did nothing wrong when they escorted her out of the airport lounge.  That’s where NTs is saying that she weren’t having a meltdown because a meltdown means she wouldn’t know if she done something wrong.

Except what if she were screaming that and didn’t realize she were screaming that?  What if it was a default setting in her head to scream that when she’s having a meltdown?  I mean that would be part of her meltdown wouldn’t it?  And this weren’t the first time this happened at an airport.  She’s had troubles before in airports so it’s her autism what’s to blame, isn’t it?

Anyway, that’s just one way autistics sometimes act.  Is it something they can control when it happens?

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