I went up to see Rion at East Burmington Hospital yesterday and I was worried about how they has him set up and all.  What with some MP calling that lovely Chris Packham from Springwatch a nut job, is it any wonder autistics like Rion get bullied like they does?  If someone like Chris Packham gets trolled by an MP, what hope has other autistics to be treated right?

Anyway, the nurses and doctors bully Rion into taking pills he doesn’t need, and they said if he kicked up a fuss they’d just put him in restraints and put them pills directly into him.  That’s barbaric if you ask me.  Tie him to his bed so’s he can’t move and then stuff his mouth full of them pills he don’t want or need?

We needs to leave Beresford-Smith messages on the Dear Doctor page on this site, and tell him why what they do is autism abuse and bullying.  If you doesn’t feel you can do that, at least leave messages for Rion on the Dear Rion page so he knows we stands with him.

When you talk about Rion on social media, be sure to use the hashtags: