As you all know, yesterday I told everyone about how the nurses and doctors up at East Burmington Hospital is pushing pills on Rion.  Meanwhile, me and a few others, is trying hard to get him out of that place to somewhere better, like maybe home with monitoring.

Part of the problem is that we doesn’t have enough people following the story so nobody in the media or the government cares if we #SaveRionMcNeally or if we doesn’t.  They just want to be done with it, and if that means they has to make Rion suffer meanwhile, that’s all there is to it.

If you hasn’t subscribed to this blog, it’s time you did.  If you has subscribed to this blog, but you hasn’t got your mates to subscribe, it’s time you did.

If we doesn’t stand up for them that get bullied and abused by society, then what does that say about us as a society?  Nothing good I would think.

So while Rion is doing his best to stand up to all the injustice going on in his life right now, let’s pull it together and show the world where we stand on problems like this.

Take a few minutes to leave some moral support on the Dear Rion page, and maybe a few minutes more to tell the doctor treating him up there at the hospital a thing or two about autism and people what’s got it on the Dear Doctor page.

Remember to use the three hashtags that’s part of this campaign since the beginning.


And I’ve added another one to get people talking about autism issues because aurism is real: #TalkAboutAutism