Today I want to write about how people say that autistics use autism as a get out of jail free card, like autistics have control over how they react to things.  They says that when autistics have meltdowns, they do it just so they can get what they want.

I’ve known NTs what does the same thing and nobody calls them out on what they does.  People just let it pass like it’s no big deal, and they’re right — it’s no big deal.  It don’t matter if it’s NTs or autistics having meltdowns because meltdowns just happen.

But some say them meltdowns is nothing more than temper tantrums, and that autistics should just stop having them.  They doesn’t say that to NTs about their temper tantrums, does they now?

This is the kind of thing what needs to be talked about and why we need to #SaveRionMcNeally and #TalkAboutAutism so much it starts trending on Twitter.

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