Last week researchers told the media that women expecting babies ought to stay away from drinking orange juice and other stuff with folic acid in it.  I’d think anything with acid in it is something mums-in-waiting should be staying away from but it sounds like mums-in-waiting crave folic acid.

Anyway, this here study says that mums-in-waiting what took folic acid while they was carrying made it 18 times more likely that their babies would “develop autism years later.”  What’s scary about this is that there’s two things going on at the same time.

  1.  If you is going to abuse your body while you’re pregnant, stay away from all kinds of acid including folic acid.  You doesn’t want to cause birth defects in your children, does you?
  2. There’s two kinds of autism.  There’s the kind people get born with (that’s the kind Rion’s got) and there’s the kind people develop “years later” because the mums was doing folic acid while they was carrying.

So if you know a mum-in-waiting, make sure you tell her not to drink orange juice.  Try to find out if she’s doing folic acid, and if she is, tell her that she’s going to give her baby autism years later unless she stops doing what she’s doing.

I’m also worried about the fact that this folic acid is getting added to flour, bread and other grain products, and the UK and American and Canadian governments know all about it.  It’s like they wants to have countries full of autistics to bully and push around, getting them to do all the stuff they doesn’t want to do themselves.

Isn’t it time we had a serious #TalkAboutAutism?  Maybe we can’t #SaveRionMcNeally, but we can save all them future babies with mums that have addictions to things like folic acid.

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