Doctors go to school for years so they can be doctors.  I’m not taking that away from them.  After years and years of uni, they finally have the right to add a bunch of initials after their names, and that suits them just fine.

The media likes to stir up controversy so they can sell more advertising and get more hits on their websites and such.  I’m not taking that away from them either.  It costs a fair bit to run a successful newspaper or television/radio station.

The thing is that doctors like to think they know all about everything when it comes to autism, and the media likes to call people with autism sufferers.  I’ve even seen one of the leading autism campaigners in the community call himself a sufferer because of autism.  When people inside the autism community describe autistics that way, you can’t blame the media for doing likewise.

But this isn’t a message to all doctors out there.  This is a message to the doctor what’s been assigned to Rion McNeally. This is a message to Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith up at East Burmington Hospital.

It’s time you learned about autism instead of going with what you thinks autism is.  Books is good, but getting  the 4-1-1 from someone what’s already got autism is better.  Isn’t it about time you started listening to what Rion tells you about autism?  After all, if he’s got it, he knows what it’s all about.


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