It were back in 2014 that Prince performed at the first ever Autism Rocks concert in London.  Lots of people paid attention because Prince were Prince, and who don’t like Prince and his music.

The line-up for the concert this year’s got Mark Ronson and Morris Day & The Time (they was a band what Prince put together in the early 80s I think) and while they doesn’t maybe have the same pull as Prince, they still got a lot of pull with some.

I was thinking that maybe we could get some attention for Rion by sending emails, letters, and even Facebook messages and Twitter messages to Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London, UK where the show is going to be at the end of next month.  You could ask them entertainers to show their support for Rion McNeally by mentioning him at the concert, and asking people to join his Facebook page and subscribe to this blog so we can #TalkAboutAutism.

Gary McKinnon had David Gilmour and Chrissie Hynde supporting him publicly back when he was having his troubles.  Shouldn’t Rion McNeally have the same kind of superstar support from the likes of Mark Ronson and Morris Day & The Time?  As Rion’s mate, I vote yes.

Share this blog entry on social media and let’s get some interest going to help bring attention to what’s going on with Rion McNeally especially since this ties in with the autism concert coming up in June.

Don’t forget the hashtags!