So I read in the Guardian that Autism East Midlands is looking for a new operational manager so that supported living services in Derbyshire don’t fall by the wayside.  Says the position pays about £29,000 a year which is a fair bit of money if you ask most.

Of course, the bloke what gets the job has to know regulatory frameworks inside out the Guardian said so lots of conflict going on there for people what’s got autism, if you ask me.

I sometimes wonder if people like Rion McNeally would be in the pickle they’s in if the regulatory frameworks weren’t the way they is.   Seems to me like there’s always problems but only for them that’s got autism, not for them that’s delivering as much of the services or programs as they feel like delivering.

And they makes it difficult for the operational manager to help them what’s got autism, yes?  I mean, with all them regulatory frameworks in place, them poor operational managers doesn’t have much leeway.

That’s discrimination I would think. Them services and programs is supposed to help autistics, not upset them even more.  What do you think?

Invite your mates to join in the discussion so we can #TalkAboutAutism.  Maybe we can #freetheboy and #SaveRionMcNeally from the #AutismAbuse he suffers at the hands of them that doesn’t know what #autism really is.