I know the expression is never cast a clout until May is out, and maybe I’m just jumping the gun here but I’m wondering where all the supporters for the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign is hiding.  Seems to me that people is treating Rion McNeally like he was a branch of hawthorne kicked away from the front door.

If we doesn’t #TalkAboutAutism, chances are good that the next autistic what gets in trouble through no fault of his own might be your own.  Wouldn’t you want others to fight for yours especially if he was suffering from #AutismAbuse because the doctors what got him don’t know nothing about autism?

Rion’s done so much for autistics over the years.  You’d think that all of them autistics and their families would stand with him in his hour of need.  Where is they all?  And where is you?  Why isn’t you standing up for Rion McNeally?

Just because he don’t have a fancy home or fancy clothes or money to toss about at the pub don’t mean he don’t deserve help from the likes of all of us.  Life’s hard enough for him living with autism and all. Follow his story on Facebook and Twitter and here on this blog.  Let’s #TalkAboutAutism and do something about what’s happened to Rion.

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