So the Autism Alliance of Michigan has a new partnership with the car company Ford and they got this program called Ford Inclusive Works.  They says the program puts people with autism to work for up to 3 months and they gets paid for the time they works.

I would hope they gets paid if they is doing work for a company.  Don’t it make sense that if you works, you get paid?  So it’s not exactly news that a company like Ford is paying people to work.

But I worries about programs like this, mostly because the initials of the program doesn’t look promising.  FIW pronounced the same as FEW I would think, and what if that’s all this program does?  What if it just gives a FEW autistics a 3 month job and then nothing?

I mean after they does the 3 months, if Ford thinks they can keep on using the autistic on the production line, they gets recycled into the regular hiring process and if you understands how companies usually hire people, that means autistics is still going to have a hard time getting a job.

Maybe I’m wrong.  What does you think?

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