I was listening to this talk radio program what talked about natural solutions for autism and ADHD.  They had this here chiropractor by the name of Jonathan Landsman on with another one by the name of John Bergman.  The John Bergman fellow is supposed to be a leading expert in the areas of human anatomy and physiology.  I doesn’t know what kind of expert Jonathan Landsman is.

The problem with what them two medical doctors said is that they got some of the autism facts wrong.  They said that about 30% of autistic doesn’t have no job or education past high school.  That’s not what the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) in America says (where them two doctors is from), and it’s not what the National Autistic Society (NAS) in the UK says. They says that over 80% of autistics doesn’t have no job.  That’s a lot of people what fall between the two percentages.

So who does you believe?  Does you believe chiropractors (them being medical professionals and all) or does you believe autism advocates and autism awarists and autism advocacy groups and such?

I mean they tells you not to trust regular doctors and all, and they tells you to trust alternative doctors like chiropractors and naturopaths, but seems to me that regular doctors and alternative doctors both doesn’t know nothing about autism.  Maybe even them autism advocates and autism awarists and autism advocacy groups doesn’t know nothing about autism.

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