Seems to me that getting people to #SaveRionMcNeally is harder than trying to get Crazy Glue off your fingers.  I’ve been pounding the pavement lately trying to get people to help with this campaign, but what I’ve found is that nobody’s really interested in autism advocacy anymore.

I spent the weekend in one of them bigger centres hoping to stir up more interest in this campaign and it looks like it were for nothing.  I appreciates the few people what’s following us on Facebook and Twitter and here on the blog but where is the others that likes to talk about how much they does for autism and autistics?

It’s not enough to say you care about autism and autistics.  If you care, you has to prove you care.  It means helping getting word out on things like what’s happening to Rion McNeally.  It means sharing your experiences with Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith on the Dear Doctor page.  It means giving Rion moral support on the Dear Rion page.

Every bit counts, and that’s why I’m so upset about hardly nobody caring about Rion and his situation.

Now that you know how desperate we is to get support, please share this on social media with these hashtags.