Tenacious D’s Twitter account got hacked what explains the fake death message about Jack Black.   It weren’t just him neither.  That country singer Kellie Pickler had her Twitter account hacked and so did some chap named Brett Eldredge what some of my mates says is another country music star.

I weren’t too surprised neither to hear Mark Zuckerberg got his Twitter and his Pinterest accounts hacked, too.  And I’m betting there’s lots more famous people I doesn’t know about yet what got their accounts hacked over the last few days.

Well, you hasn’t seen me online for a few days and that’s because my accounts for Rion McNeally was hacked along with the rest of them accounts for famous people.  I guess some people is scared of my campaign to help Rion McNeally, and they knows how much Rion does for autistics.

If I had to guess who done this, I’d bet my money on one of them autism advocacy groups what doesn’t want no negative attention about autism getting in the media.  See, since they isn’t doing nothing to help Rion, they doesn’t want no one to know they isn’t doing nothing to help Rion.

I got control of them accounts back now so let’s show them autistic advocacy hackers we doesn’t take to blackmail like that.  We only wants to #SaveRionMcNeally while we #TalkAboutAutism.

Share this with the usual hashtags, and let’s show them we mean business.