I noticed that Autism Assemble is hosting a workshop on how autistics can self-advocate so they gets heard.  The advert says if “you care about getting your views across and need that initial boost to do so, this is the workshop for you!”

Yeah, well, Rion does a lot of self-advocacy and advocacy for autistics, and now I’m doing advocacy for Rion seeing as he’s locked up in East Burmington Hospital thanks to that Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith and all that.

If Autism Assemble wants to do some serious advocacy work and help autistics, it’s time they really started to #TalkAboutAutism.  One of them ways would be to help #freetheboy by getting behind the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign.

If you lives in Torpoint and you’re going to this workshop on Monday (June 13th), be sure to get everyone there to follow this campaign on Facebook and on Twitter and on this blog.

Remember to use these hashtags: