What I hates about how people talk about autism is how some likes to paint us autistics as being rude arses what doesn’t know how to behave.  A friend of mine just emailed me an article by Matthew Rozsa.  He says he’s got Aspergers but I isn’t too sure about that.  I doesn’t see things the way he writes about them.

He says he’s a history PhD student at Lehigh University (that’s somewhere in America) and that’s all well and good.  But that doesn’t make him no expert on autism even if he does have it.

Anyway, he published this here story about his dating experiences and he makes us all look like rude arses.  He says that his version of honesty gets him into trouble and then goes on to say he don’t pay attention to other people’s feelings or even care about them.

That’s not autism there, mate.  That’s being a self-centered prig.

Rion and me, we isn’t like that, and neither is most other autistics we knows.  It’s articles like the one what got wrote by this here Rozsa what makes life for real autistics so hard, and that’s #AutismAbuse.

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