Autism advocacy is confusing.  You got your authorities what says what you can and can’t do to help autistics, and you got your advocates what say what other stuff you should and shouldn’t do to help autistics.

The NAS don’t support two cures for autism.  One’s a blood product and the other’s bleach.

Here’s what I doesn’t get.  If the NAS is against these two cures, then how come one of them counselors they got is an Admin for one of them American groups what’s got no problem with either of them cures?

The NAS says it’s “illegal to administer a harmful or dangerous product to another individual” and that someone what does that “can be prosecuted within the criminal law.”  But it looks like promoting either of them cures isn’t against the law.  It’s only wrong if you actually gives one of them cures to an autistic.

Still, what kind of autism advocate what says he cares about autistics plays both sides just to make himself look good?

If Rion weren’t locked up at East Burmington Hospital, he’d take the mick out of that one right quick he would.  But poor Rion is still putting up with the likes of Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith so when you share this, remember to add the hashtags as always.