I seen on Facebook this here person what says he’s got autism say that high-functioning autistics ought not get government benefits.  He said that social anxiety weren’t a reason to qualify.

He said them’s that’s saying they doesn’t work because of anxiety and Asperger’s is just saying that to get free money.  Says them same people is always on Facebook talking about where they been and what they done and who they was with.

I got something to say to the likes of him.

If you doesn’t know someone with autism and you doesn’t understand what autism is, you doesn’t have a right to talk like that about autism and them’s that got it.  Autism don’t mean you isn’t supposed to do things or know others.

I mean, you doesn’t say to someone in a wheelchair they can’t go to a dance because they isn’t walking.  They goes there for the music and to hang out with friends.

Autistics is the same.  They wants to socialize.  The problem is they isn’t good at it so when they finds a way to be good at it, people like that plonker needs to leave them be.

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