As mum would say, I got a right fine how do you do when I signed onto the Internet.  It weren’t necessarily the news what did it.  It were the image what went with the story.  Here’s the image.

Stolen Graphic Idea

Don’t that graphic look familiar to you?  It do to me and that’s because it looks to me to be the graphic what I made for the Save Rion McNeally campaign.  Take a look. Take a good hard look.  What does you see?

Save Rion McNeally avatar

See the bars of a jail cell in both pictures?  See the blue bird / blue face behind them bars?  The only thing different is the lock but we all knows that jail cells got locks so thems thats behind them bars can’t get out so that lock on the other picture weren’t necessary.

But there’s the Associated Press and all them other big media types jumping all over the other story while nobody pays no attention to this here campaign to #SaveRionMcNeally and #freetheboy.  And why’s that?  Because when you says let’s #TalkAboutAutism and #AutismAbuse, most people doesn’t want to hear about it.

Let’s keep on trying to bring the Rion McNeally story to the forefront.  Invite your friends on social media to follow the story on Facebook and Twitter and here on the blog.  Share this on social media using these tags as always.