What I been seeing in the press over the last while is that every time some nutbar shoots up a public place, the press puts autism in the story.  They likes to guess at what made the plonker do what he done, and almost always, they brings autism into it.

They done it with every school shooting what happened lately, and already people is wondering if that Orlando shooter were autistic seeing as his mates is saying he was weird and all.  They says he had no social skills or nothing.

And now the lovely Jo Cox were murdered on Thursday, God rest her soul.  She were stabbed and shot by a seriously disturbed man what the press says were a supporter of some American white supremacist group.

Now I isn’t going to share the killer’s name.  That’s up to the police to do, not me.  But already the press is laying the ground work to start suggesting autism were the reason for all this.

They already put in the papers that the madman’s brother and half-brother both says the killer had a history of mental illness with lots of help for what was wrong with him.  They says he never were very political, weren’t racist, and liked to be left alone.  He didn’t socialize with no one much really.

Let’s #TalkAboutAutism and really discuss the facts about autism.  And rest in peace, Jo Cox.  You was a saint in my books.