One of my FB contacts is circulating a missing Aspie report.  This time it’s a young lad of 20 what’s in the American army what’s been missing for three weeks now.

Now there’s some what says that thems with Aspergers doesn’t get into the American army but that’s not true seeing as this here chap were in the American army.  So the American army takes thems with Aspergers when they proves they can do the job as good as thems what don’t got it.

And for them what’s saying he probably ran away, that don’t wash with me seeing as the lad was going to be discharged at the end of June.  That says to me he were done his time and being in American, he weren’t going to get deployed overseas to one of them fighting countries they’s in.

What I thinks happened is that somebody’s done the boy some harm.  You doesn’t just disappear like that with no money and no cellphone or nothing and not contact your mum at the very least.  You doesn’t do that unless some harm’s come to you.

When you has autism, some people is always looking to do you harm.  That’s why we has to #SaveRionMcNeally from the clutches of Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith.