That movie by Andrew Wakefield what’s called “Vaxxed” is getting lots of people worked up over nothing.  I doesn’t understand what the problem is really.  After all, it’s just a movie done by a doctor what’s not a doctor no more and the money what got put up for the movie comes from Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey.

I heard tell of Polly Tommey before but I never heard of this Del Bigtree so it’s a good thing I googled his name seeing as I learned a lot about him from Google.  Seems he’s a bigtime talk show producer on the telly over in America with them good looking doctors or so says the ladies.

Then I read on some website with his bio that he thinks that Big Pharma and the UK Department of Health was behind Andrew Wakefield doing a study that weren’t a study and that led to him losing his doctor’s license.  Except that don’t make sense to me seeing as Andrew Wakefield himself got a patent for a vaccine before he weren’t a doctor no more so he’s part of Big Pharma as much as them companies what makes the vaccines.

What I does know is that if anyone needs to have their doctor’s license looked at it’s that Aidan Beresford-Smith up at East Burmington Hospital where they got Rion locked up.  If anyone wants to #SaveRionMcNeally, they should start by asking the UK Department of Health to take a good look at that license.

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