Talking about the movie “Vaxxed” and me googling people what’s involved with making the movie, I came across this here article what said that them’s that doesn’t get autism is usually white and that’s because of white privilege and all.  I doesn’t understand how being white means you isn’t going to get autism as much as if you was any other colour.  After all, in the UK, we got a lot of autistics here, and autism don’t seem to care if you is white or black or any other colour.

But this Andrew Wakefield seems to think that if you is a black American, you is going to get autism more than if you was a white American.  Trotting out Nelson Mandela’s words that some ideals are worth dying for don’t make no sense either.  Nelson Mandela weren’t fighting for autistics.  He were fighting for rights in Africa.

Then he talks about them naturalpath doctors what’s dying in America and says they’s being murdered or something like that by people what like Big Pharma more.  He don’t quite explain what they is supposed to like more than Big Pharma.  Don’t matter no how since I doesn’t even quite get what white privilege is.

But if white privilege exists, maybe we should use some of that to #SaveRionMcNeally.  So let’s #TalkAboutAutism and #freetheboy, and if white privilege is how we does it, that’s fine with me.