I heard that “Finding Dory” opened to a spectacular box office weekend last week.  I hasn’t seen it yet so I doesn’t know if it’s good like that “Finding Nemo” one were.

What I does know is that people with autism is up in arms over some sea lion what’s named Gerald.  They says that other animals in the movie has got disabilities and they all gets to be heroes of some kind but Gerald’s obviously got autism and them other sea lions in the bully and mock Gerald.

It were done to get the audience laughing and friends what seen the movie says that the audience were certainly laughing at poor Gerald the sea lion.  But here’s the problem with that: It’s the way autistics is mistreated in real life and them producers at Disney is wrong to do this in their movie.

I mean, if they can give the octopus seven tentacles and the shark can have problems seeing and the whale has troubles hearing but they gets to be heroes in this here Disney movie, why is it that  a sea lion with autism gets bullied and mocked?

It’s no wonder that autistics like me and Rion get bullied and mocked by other people with and without disabilities every day of our lives.  This is why it’s about time we pulled together to #SaveRionMcNeally what’s still stuck in East Burmington Hospital because he has autism.