I were reading what Andrew Wakefield’s been saying about autism and vaccines and such lately, and I has to say that he don’t make much sense to me lately.

At some screening of that movie of his (the one what’s called “Vaxxed” that I talked about earlier this week), he said that herd immunity were reducing childhood diseases before vaccines was made available.  Said that this here herd immunity is better for preventing childhood diseases than anything vaccines could ever do.

Except that don’t make sense to me.  If herd immunity were so great, how come children was dying and getting crippled by polio?  I mean, if  it’s all about herd immunity, nobody should’ve died or got crippled from polio when there weren’t no polio vaccine, yes?

This is the kind of doctor thinking even when the doctor isn’t a doctor no more what causes all the problems in the autism community.  Little wonder that when we #TalkAboutAutism that people doesn’t know what to say about it.

Little wonder that we’re still trying to #SaveRionMcNeally and hardly no one knows about it after two months of hard work.