Again about Andrew Wakefield because there’s just so much to ask questions about.  Is it true that he were funded by a barrister what was sueing vaccine manufacturers on behalf of some of the children what were part of his 12 children study?  That don’t seem right to me.

And is it true that the vaccine for what he got a patent weren’t going to make him no money unless the MMR vaccine were discredited somehow?  That 12 children study, were it supposed to do that so he could make money from his own vaccine?

It don’t make sense neither that he’s saying that vaccines cause autism even now unless it’s because his own vaccine weren’t making him the money he were expecting it to make for him.  That being the case, then making all vaccines out to be bad for children makes sense.

It’s just sad that autism has to be the whipping boy for all this knife-and-dagger politics of his.   It’s kind of like what Dr. Aiden Beresford-Smith is doing to Rion McNeally, and it’s why we has to #SaveRionMcNeally by getting him out of East Burmington Hospital.