Somebody I knows sent me a link to a website what talks about the chicken pox vaccine and how that Andrew Wakefield’s got it all wrong.  Wakefield’s saying that the chicken pox vaccine is bad for children but that don’t seem right neither.

This here other website says that if you vaccinate your child against chicken pox and they didn’t never have chicken pox, when they gets older, they isn’t going to get shingles neither.  Only if a child gets chicken pox does they have to worry about getting shingles when they’s grown up.

But if a child gets chicken pox, they might not grow up to get shingles. There’s all these here complications what can happen with chicken pox including pneumonia and blood infections that could kill the child.

Sounds to me that vaccinating kids is the way to go.  I doesn’t know seeing as I don’t have no kids and it’s not my place to ask parents if they does or doesn’t have their children protected.

But when it comes to protecting them people I does love, I goes all out to help them.  That’s why I’m asking people to share the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign on social media.  Because Rion McNeally is my friend and mentor and on top of all that he’s autistic.