News is all over the place that the chap what tried to murder Donald Trump in America is a 20-year-old Brit what overstayed his visa so he could be with his American girlfriend.  That’s a lovely kettle of fish, isn’t it?  Except it gets worse.

A couple of autism campaigners in the UK is saying that because the media says the dad says his son has Aspergers that he should be sent back to the UK no questions asked.  They says the charges against him need to be dropped because he has Aspergers.

Here’s what I knows about Aspergers, me being someone what understands autism and Aspergers a 120% not like most of them autism campaigners what says they got it and get it.

You doesn’t demand a free ride just because you has autism.  If you doesn’t want problems with the authorities, doesn’t do something what you know is wrong.  You doesn’t overstay your visa in America or nowhere else.  And you doesn’t commit crimes at home, in America, or anywhere else either.

Everytime someone like that Michael Steven Sanford uses Aspergers as an excuse for breaking the law, they makes it harder for thems like Rion McNeally to get a fair shake and get let out of East Burmington Hospital.  If you wants to #TalkAboutAutism, talk about how we can #SaveRionMcNeally and work to #freetheboy.

Listen up you plonkers:  If you is going to fight for the likes of Michael Steven Sanford because he’s autistic, then how come you isn’t fighting for the likes of Rion McNeally because he’s autistic?  Hypocrites is what the lot of you is.