I doesn’t know if “Vaxxed” is going to win any awards, but I know that Andrew Wakefield won an award from Simon Singh a few years back.  He won the first ever Golden Duck award for lifetime achievement in quackery.

Well, it don’t seem very nice to have an award like that but I can understand why someone might win that sort of recognition.

I doesn’t know if someone can win the Golden Duck award twice in one lifetime, but I’m guessing that the committee what considers who to give them awards to is already seriously thinking about giving Wakefield another one of them Golden Duck awards.

I’ve been reading how some in the autism community calls Wakefield’s followers lackeys and toadies. I doesn’t know about that, but I does wonder about how so many people gets tied up in this kind of mess up.

Also, I got told that Andrew Wakefield’s got no use for psychiatry.  That I can understand because Rion McNeally is being assessed by that Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith at East Burmington Hospital and I doesn’t know if the doctor can be trusted to do right by Rion.