Now I likes Robert De Niro.  He’s done some wonderful movies like “Backdraft” and “The Untouchables” and “Taxi Driver” but I has to wonder about news what says he’s doing his own version of “Vaxxed.”  Seems he weren’t too happy about pulling “Vaxxed” from Tribeca, so he’s making his own movie he doesn’t have to pull from Tribeca.

Word has it he’s making his movie with Harvey Weinstein what’s a fellow I doesn’t recognize from no movies I seen.

See, the way I heard tell it, De Niro made sure that Wakefield’s movie didn’t have to go through no regular submission or judging, and that’s how it got in at Tribeca.  Except that the other festival bigwigs pulled it, and them anti-vaxxers went nuts when that happened.

I guess if De Niro’s making his own movie, it really don’t got to go through no regular submission or judging, and seeing as Tribeca’s his own festival, he don’t have to pull it neither.  That’s not fair but that’s how things work in big business they says.

I wish I knew someone what could pull strings like that to get Rion McNeally out of East Burmington Hospital right fast.  We needs to #freethe boy.

The only way we can get attention for Rion is to share this on social media with them regular hashtags we been using for two months now.