I’ve been wondering what the difference is between a MD and a ND.  I know that a MD is a medical doctor and all, but what’s a ND?

Someone on social media told me it stands for Not A Doctor but wouldn’t that be NAD?  I guess not if you doesn’t include little words in that.

Later today I’m going over to East Burmington Hospital to see if I can visit with Rion (they doesn’t usually let anyone in to visit).  If I can’t, that’s all right because I’m going to ask what college that Dr. Aiden Beresford-Smith graduated from.  If they doesn’t know, it’s because he’s not graduated from a normal medical college.  He’s probably one of them ND’s on staff.

If he’s a ND, that explains why he’s not much good as a psychiatrist.  I mean, I could do a better job at assessing Rion than that wanker is doing.  After all, Rion would be better off with a naturalpath taking care of him instead of that Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith.

So take some time to click on this here link to the Dear Doctor page and leave Aidan Beresford-Smith a message about what you knows about autism.  It might help us #SaveRionMcNeally if we #TalkAboutAutism in a way that the ND psychiatrist is going to understand.

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