Back in the psychodelic sixties, lots of songs and lots of groups was into LSD and acid and stuff like that.  There was the likes of Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane and Jimmy Hendrix and all.  And their music was played all over the radio and on the telly, and nobody complained about it.

There was this American group called the Mamas and the Papas.  Later one, the one mama choked herself to death on a sandwich and the other mama got into movies.  I doesn’t know what happened to them two papas but it weren’t much otherwise I’d know, right?

Anyway, when they was singing together they had this here hit called, “California Dreamin'” and it were all about going to San Francisco and doing drugs and getting high.  It were so popular that even someone like me what wasn’t even born yet knows the song when I hears it.

Back in the psychodelic sixties, people was doing drugs because they wanted to, and nobody were giving them too much trouble over it.

But here’s my mate, Rion McNeally what’s stuck in East Burmington Hospital and they’s stuffing him full of all kinds of drugs and he don’t want none of them drugs.  Seems to me people 50 years ago had more rights than Rion’s got where he is these days, and how’s that fair?

We needs to pull together and #SaveRionMcNeally from the clutches of that evil Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith what’s trying to make him crazy with all them drugs he’s giving him. We needs to get the word out about this campaign and #freetheboy from #AutismAbuse.