Today is a holiday in America.  They calls it Independence Day.  They even made a movie about it with Tom Cruise called “Born On The Fourth of July.”  A few years later, they  did the movie over again and this time it were with Will Smith (probably to make it politically correct).  They called that movie, “Independence Day.”

Them Americans is going to have ice cream and cake, fireworks and fun, hotdogs and hamburgers (probably with crisps).

But what about Rion McNeally?  Does you think he’ll be having ice cream and cake down at East Burmington Hospital?  Does you think Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith is going to say, “Oh, you is free to go now, Mr. McNeally, and enjoy your independence?”  Not likely, I say.

So while my fellow Brits is wishing our friends across the pond a Happy Independence Day, they should take a few moments to do something about helping us #freetheboy and #SaveRionMcNeally.  After all, who really needs to be free — America or Rion McNeally?

Please share this with your friends on social media and let’s do something about the injustice against Rion.  Use the usual hashtags.  Thank you.