Today, Prince William announced Britain’s first #StandUpToBullying day, and that’s great.  What would be even greater would be if people did more than just tweet about it.  What would be even greater than that would be if anti-bullying autism campaigners and autism advocates and autism warriors and autism organizations actually did something to help autistics like Rion McNeally.

What’s happened to Rion McNeally is something that can, and does, happen to lots of autistics. No one does nothing about it though because thems that get into problems like what Rion got into don’t got anti-bullying autism campaigners what’s interested in tackling issues like that.  They seems to like the easy issues like carrying on about not being blue tick verified on Twitter.

Today, I’m asking autistic and all them what says they fight for autistics and autistic rights to do more than just stand up to bullying.  Do something about it.  Don’t let bullies get away with what they does.

You can start by leaving a message for Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith on the blog’s Dear Doctor page and tell him what you thinks he needs to know about autism.  Then do something nice for Rion by posting a message for him on the blog’s Dear Rion page.

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