Today, I’m sharing another part of the report from the Westminster Commission on Autism.  Read it and ask yourself, “Who doesn’t know this already?”


Lots of people has a mental health condition.  It’s why doctors has got them manuals like the ICD-10 in the UK and the DSM-5 in America.

According to lots of studies, one in five children has got a severe mental health disorder and one in four adults has got one of them as well (I guess you can get cured of some mental health disorders if you gets help early enough when you is a child).

It don’t matter if you has autism or not anyway because health professionals doesn’t always understand how to help someone what’s got a mental health condition.

Just ask Rion McNeally what’s stuck up there in East Burmington Hospital.  He’s dealing with that rubbish doctor, Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith what’s supposed to be helping him but is actually not. So let’s #SaveRionMcNeally from the clutches of a medical professional what doesn’t understand autism.