Another look at how the Westminster Commission on Autism don’t mean nothing.  Here’s another bit from the summary report that’s completely useless.


Yeah, well, doesn’t they tell you all the time, on the telly and in adverts and in conversations that you needs to tell your doctor what health conditions you got so you doesn’t get treated for something you doesn’t have?  It’s not just for them what’s got autism.  If you got a health condition, tell the doctor.

Sometimes they doesn’t listen, but it’s not because of autism they doesn’t listen.  Some doctors are like Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith up at East Burmington Hospital.  It don’t matter how many times you tells him something about autism, he don’t listen.

That’s how come Rion McNeally is still stuck there and why this campaign is ongoing and hard-hitting.  We has to #SaveRionMcNeally and we has to put an end to #AutismAbuse.