Autistics isn’t stupid but it sounds to me like the Commission thinks autistics is stupid. I doesn’t think they does anybody any good putting this in their summary report.


So they thinks the Government should put money aside so others can explain to autistics what’s going to happen when the see a doctor, does they?  Chances are if an autistic is off to see a doctor, it’s because they know they need medical attention, yes?  And if they needs medical attention, them what’s got autism already know what’s going to happen.  They is going to get checked out by a doctor.

If they doesn’t understand that much, them what’s got autism usually takes someone they trusts along with them to see the doctor.

If Rion had taken me with him, he probably wouldn’t be locked away at East Burmington Hospital these days.  That’s why we has to work hard to #SaveRionMcNeally from #AutismAbuse.  We needs to really #TalkAboutAutism and #freetheboy.

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