So they says — them what’s in the media touting this here new Pokemon game — that Pokemon Go is a wondrous app.  It probably is if you is an investor in the company seeing as how many has already downloaded it to their device and all.  But I doesn’t think it’s as good as them people playing says it is.

You see, they’s saying that because it were invented by an autistic what’s name I doesn’t remember offhand, that it don’t surprise no one it’s the bleeding success they says it is.  I says bullocks to that.  It’s just bits and bobs and it don’t do nothing for no one other than waste time.

My mum if she were still alive would say that them’s what’s playing the game is off their trolley, and she’d be right.  There’s nothing that’s a go with that game.

But while the world is going barmy over Pokemon Go, this campaign to #SaveRionMcNeally is still working hard to #freetheboy from East Burmington Hospital.  So for all you what’s playing this Pokemon Go, take some time to help a campaign what looks like a No Go to that Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith. Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook and on this blog.

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