The police is looking for them vile bullies what’s stalking and abusing Danniella Westbrook.  If you doesn’t know who she is you need to watch East Enders because she plays the role of Sam Mitchell.

Getting back to them vile bullies, they was messaging her on Twitter and then they messaged her children also on Twitter.  What kind of person decides to go after someone’s children on social media when they isn’t able to upset the person by messaging them directly on social media?

Sad thing is that some of them autism campaigners here does that, too — bully and stalk them people they doesn’t agree with or doesn’t like.

Anyway Danniella asked her followers to help her get them bullies and they did just that.  Then she went to the police and filed a complaint against the lot.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people helped #SaveRionMcNeally the way they helped Danniella Westbrook?

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