There’s this here study what been done at a University in America what found that in mice, the immune system controls social interaction.  I isn’t making this up even if it sounds like I is.

Anyway the study were done on mice not people but them scientists is always doing studies on mice first then on people next so if it’s true for mice you know it’s true for people.

What this means for Rion McNeally and all us autistics what get accused of being wankers and ponces on purpose and accused of using autism as an excuse to be wankers and ponces is that now we got a study what says it’s not our fault when we acts the way we does.  It’s an auto-immune thing what happens to us autistics.

If I get what the study were saying, the immune system gets all wonky trying to control things and the brain fights back, and that’s when the mice get anti-social.

It’s probably another study that Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith don’t know nothing.  While we is waiting for the good doctor to get educated on autism, keep sharing the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign so we can #freetheboy.

There’s no reason he needs to stay locked up at East Burmington Hospital while we #TalkAboutAutism and #AutismAbuse.

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