So that American comedienne Leslie Jones quit Twitter yesterday because she were being bullied by the likes of Breitbart blogger, Nero what turns out to be editor Milo Yiannopoulos. She said she were leaving Twitter and then she left.

Leaving Twitter

Now that don’t look to me like she were meaning it to be forever.  I read that and it sounds like she were leaving for a while because of all the trolling and abuse she were getting yesterday.  She were saying that someone were doing things to her account and making her look bad on Twitter.

Account Problems

Of course, I blocked the bad language she were using but she were very upset so I can understand why she were using it.  She even said she were hacked except I doesn’t understand how the hacker and her could be using the same Twitter account at the same time.  I guess it’s because I isn’t very smart about social media like them celebrities is.

But what I doesn’t understand is how come she put this up when she were fighting with people on Twitter.

Retarded Comment

If she doesn’t like abuse, then how come she’s using the word retarded like it were an insult?  That’s abuse to use the R-word that way, and I should know because lots of people use the R-word when they is insulting autistics.

So Leslie Jones, I is sorry that you was getting trolled on Twitter yesterday but that don’t give you the right to abuse others and it don’t give you the right to use the word retarded the way you used it.  That’s just wrong.

You is as abusive as them what’s got Rion McNeally in trouble.  Maybe you could  fix that by helping with this here campaign, what with you being a celebrity and all.  If you wants to help, use these here hashtags.