Back in 2014, there were this study done on killers what killed at least 3 people since 1985, but it were anecdotal.  That means it were based on stories not actual facts.

Anyway, it got published in the Journal Of Aggression and Violent Behavior.  The problem is that the study said 1 in 4 killers (and almost 1 in 3 if you goes by the percentage) probably got autism.

The CDC in America says that 1 in 68 got autism in America, so that means 22 or 23 autistics in America (if you got 68 autistics together in a room) wants to kill lots of people.

I doesn’t believe that study were right because I got autism and Rion’s got autism, and we been to gatherings of autistics and none of us ever killed nobody.  None of us never even said we was wanting to kill anyone which is amazing seeing as how NTs abuse autistics so much all the time.

Right now, Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith is abusing Rion McNeally over at East Burmington Hospital and Rion don’t want to kill him.  He just wants to get out of there.

So share this campaign to #freetheboy and #SaveRionMcNeally.  When you share on social media don’t forget to use the usual hashtags.