Theresa May took over last week on Thursday but Rion McNeally don’t benefit from that news.  But why would he?  It’s not like he were voting on the #Brexit decision, were he? But what’s Theresa May to Rion anyway?

Well, for one thing, she were the person what said Gary McKinnon weren’t going to get packed off to America for them criminal acts he done against their government what with hacking into all them computers like he done.

But now that she’s the one running the show, it makes me wonder just how much of that Gary McKinnon stuff were window dressing politics.  She isn’t doing nothing for that Lauri Love what’s got Aspergers.  The Americans says he hacked into their Army and missile computers, and NASA’s computers (just like Gary McKinnon were accused of doing and he admitted he done).

And I’m dismayed to see she isn’t doing nothing for Rion McNeally what’s also got autism just like Gary McKinnon and Lauri Love got.

If we can’t count on politicians to do right by autistics, we needs to do it ourselves.  You can start out by sharing the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign on social media using these hashtags.