So them people what made the movie “Vaxxed” seems to be very upset with some autism advocates what doesn’t like the movie.  They says they has the right to put their opinion in a documentary and they has the right to criticize scientifical facts, but nobody else has got the right to an opinion and they doesn’t have the right to criticize the movie.  When you thinks about it, don’t it sound barmy to you?

Threat To Sue

What’s with this telling anyone (but especially an autism advocate) they doesn’t have the right to make any statements to any person about the movie or them what’s involved in making it or the contents of the movie?  Andrew Wakefield made the movie and Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey helped.  Cinema Libre Studio were the distributor.

If they isn’t proud of their work, that’s no reason to be threatening to sue people what says the movie doesn’t have them facts about autism and vaccines right.  If they isn’t right about them facts they put in the movie, I’d think thanking autism advocates (then fixing the movie) would make things right.

It’s worrying me for lots of reasons but it worries me partly because I wrote about “Vaxxed” and all them people (except not Cinema Libre Studio except I is now so that counts against me I’m guessing) on this blog.  So does Rion and me got to worry about getting a letter from them people saying they is going to sue us for having a blog what’s got opinions on it?

Maybe we needs to add more hashtags like #SaveFionaOleary and #StopAdvocateAbuse.  More importantly we got to keep our eyes on them autism advocates what pretend to be with us but what’s got their eyes on making their own movies about themselves.