Adding to yesterday’s blog entry, I wanted to talk about the photo opp Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree did to grab some attention for themselves and that movie they made called, “Vaxxed.”  Here’s the picture what came up in the search engine.

Wakefield and Bigtree

I doesn’t understand what’s up with these two.  If they believes what’s on that poster, then why is they trying to shut up autism advocate Fiona O’Leary?

Don’t she have the same rights as them?  They had their say with their movie, “Vaxxed” but they sent Fiona a letter saying she don’t got the same rights?  How long before they tells others they doesn’t have the same rights as them?

I’m just hoping that what happened to Rion McNeally don’t happen to Fiona O’Leary or nobody else what says the movie got the facts wrong.  I’d hate to think that anyone else is going to suffer the way Rion’s suffering under the care and attention of Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith at East Burmington Hospital.

Please share all of this on social media using the usual hashtags as well as a few others to show support for Fiona O’Leary.  Keep in mind them other autism advocates what is supporting what the movie director and producers and distributer is doing to Fiona because that means they is a danger to the autism community.